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18.08.2011 11:01 Age: 6 yrs

DART @ Open Days 2011

On the 11th of October the DART Project will be presented during the Open Days 2011 in Brussels. Together with the European Commission, DG Employment "Social cohesion in European cohesion policy" will be discussed.

Workshop details:

14:30 - 17:00, 11A21
Meet the projects - Social cohesion in European cohesion policy
European Commission, DG REGIO B1 WS 11A21, European Commission, DG EMPL WS 11A21
Venue: OPEN DAYS Tent


URBACT Report: Shrinking Cities

The DART project contributed to the report "From crises to choice: Re-imagining the future of shrinking cities.", that was published by URBACT, in May 2013. more

DART Indicator Study

The study on indicators and standards compared for the first time the demographic change with selected data from the DART partner regions on a NUTS 3 level.Within the pilot action of the project a regional observation monitor...more

Beatriz Mato Otero

Conselleira de Traballo e Benestar

"DART provides an excellent opportunity to innovate our welfare policies in terms of preventing the negative impact of demographic crises on the quality of life of vulnerable people and excluded areas".