How to deal with declining and ageing population?

Here you can find examples of good practices from 13 European regions, boosting Traditional & Innovative Economy, Education & Lifelong Learning and Health Care & Social Services. All regions are tackling the challenges of a declining and ageing population.

A declining number of inhabitants and a growing percentage of older people in economically underdeveloped rural regions lacking in infrastructure may have the effect that health services and public transport systems will decrease, with an increase in social exclusion and poverty. Looking for innovative solutions, policy must react before it is too late and develop anticipating strategies:

  • to guarantee health care and social services,
  • to reduce the needs for travel by using ICT and to achieve more options for employment,
  • to avoid poverty and guarentee social inclusion for everyone,
  • to maintain and create jobs and new products for elderly people.

If you would like to contribute your own practices please contact us at info(at)dart-project.eu

How good practices have been identified, described and selected?

Each DART partner region has identified and described a good practice proposals as well as provided basic information by using a good practice template. Good practice proposals in each thematic field have been collected before thematic workshops, where the good practices have been presented, discussed and evaluated. A poster has been worked out for each good practice and has been used as working tools in workshops. Poster collection of all 89 good practices can be found at this site.

All proposals have been assessed by workshop participants in terms of usability and functionality as well as of transferability. The selection process of good practices for the thematic conferences has been implemented by democratically voting.

The amount of good practices proposed and selected is as follows:

  1. Innovative and traditional economy - 6 selected practices out of 17 proposals,
  2. Education, life-long learning and job market - 11 selected practices out of 31 proposals and
  3. Health care and social services - 9 selected practices out of 41 proposals. 

Each region will evaluate the good practices from their own point of view and decide on transfer of at least one practice.


URBACT Report: Shrinking Cities

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DART Indicator Study

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Tarja Cronberg

Member of European Parliament (since 2011)

In Finland the declining and ageing society is usually seen as a serious problem with negative consequences. Therefore a strong change in attitudes is needed. When facing challenges, the North Karelia has already several times assumed the role of forerunner. Once again we need to review new structures, models and tools, as well as find innovative solutions aiming to improve tomorrow's prerequisite for living and working in our region. The main concern of the DART project is highly topical and any outcomes of fruitful European collaboration are warmly welcomed.